A gem of a product from Night Pearl

Since establishment of the Night Pearl brand, emphasis has been placed on the high quality production of products and its subsequent service, along with excellent price/performance value. Night Pearl is a major manufacturer in the hunting segment, it offers a wide range of night vision and thermal imaging devices. Standing behind the Night Pearl brand there are true hunters who put their passion for the outdoors and hunting experience into all Night Pearl products. 

Night Pearl also offers thermal and night vision products for military and law enforcement applications. To meet the highest standard of military products, huge investments were made in new facilities, new measuring equipment and technologies, the same as those used by major global manufacturers of high-end military optics and optoelectronics. 

Seer 35 Pro

Seer 35 Pro is one of the best-selling Night Pearl products. It is a high quality, robust thermal front attachment for extreme precision, even in the most demanding environments. Compact and lightweight, made from modern materials and with high tech components, such as a state-of-the-art thermal sensor from European leader Lynred. This device meets and exceeds expectations of the most demanding users. Thermal technology lets you see in complete darkness, heavy fog or rain, spot your target even in dense vegetation and at long distances up to 1350m. Shockproof design withstands recoil with calibres up to .50 BMG, so any hunting or sport shooting calibre is not a problem for the Seer 35 Pro. To meet the high standards of Night Pearl, every device is thoroughly tested at each production step, from incoming inspection of components, to assembling, adjusting and final control of the complete device. 

Specially designed adapters allow the user to mount the Seer 35 Pro to their riflescope in two seconds: put it on, click and you are ready to shoot. Thanks to precise optical adjustment the Seer 35 Pro front attachment provides extreme precision when mounted on any riflescope, without the need of additional zeroing. 

A multi-position joystick provides quick and easy access to a user-friendly menu, for quick adjustments to adapt to dynamic environment changes. Seer 35 Pro has five different colour palettes to choose from for the best performance in different surroundings and environmental conditions backed with flexibility for precise adjustment of contrast, brightness, and sharpness. The optional power bank which mounts directly on top of the Seer 35 Pro front attachment provides up to nine hours of continuous use during the longest hunts. If you are looking for a compact, robust, extremely precise and easy to use front attachment, Seer 35 Pro is the perfect choice for you.


Night Pearl covers the complete range of thermal imaging and night vision devices. In thermal imaging technology, it offers monoculars, adapters and sights. In the night vision segment, it produces monoculars, binoculars, adapters and sights. It is one of the few companies in the world that offers its customers all available technologies in this field.

W: www.nightpearl.eu