Firefield aims for sales

Firefield is releasing the much-anticipated BattleTek Subcompact Red Laser Sight. This convenient and powerful 5mW red laser sight provides easy target acquisition with daytime visibility at 30 yards and night time visibility at 300 yards! Its internal, rechargeable battery ensures two hours of continuous juice, or six hours of ‘pulsing’ power. This ambidextrous laser sight is supremely durable, glass-filled nylon housing, IP55 water resistant, shockproof, operating temperatures from -4F to 113F and a maximum calibre rating of .45 ACP. For short- or mid-range engagements, this is the ideal pistol sight—its compact construction fits small, subcompact pistols, as opposed to most ‘normal-sized’ lasers that may protrude beyond the muzzle.



Internal Rechargeable Battery

Compact and Lightweight

Ambidextrous Digital Switch

5mW Red Laser

Windage and Elevation Adjustable

Quick Target Acquisition

300-Yard Night time Visibility

30-Yard Daytime Visibility


Firefield offers force multipliers and accessories for mission-critical operations and extreme shooting sports involving rifles, shotguns and pistols. Designed for next generation shooters, boot-on-the-ground operators and serious gun enthusiasts, Firefield provides products for hard-charging, action-oriented situations.