Expect premium products from Rusan factory

The Rusan brand is well-known in the hunting sector due to its riflescope mounts, scope rings, picatinny rails and many other products dedicated to hunters and shooters. Gun Trade World finds out that Rusan is also strong within the military sector.

As well as the above-mentioned line of products the company also offers premium tactical solutions for special forces and the military sector. One of the most popular products in the Rusan line up is the Rusan clamp adapter for clip-on sights. It was the first adapter of this type on the market, and the Rusan team feel it is still the best.

The adaptors are specially made for different brands’ scopes, such as the Rusan Q-R one-piece adapter for Pulsar Krypton (with screen positioning). This comes is a variety of diameters from 30mm up to 69mm and has been successfully tested with calibre 9,3 x 64. There are many other adapters available for brands such as Dipol, Nitehog, ATN and Pard.

The whole company together with its production facility is situated in Croatia, small European country at the Adriatic Sea. Many of company’s products have been proven and confirmed by professional users across the world. The company already has dealers and distributors across the world including USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, all European countries and many more. In the 2020 the company’s production facility was expanded with a new 700 square meter faciality with a new building for CNC machines. Rusan is actively looking for partners across the globe and would welcome a conversation regarding its products and services.


Rusan is a Croatian brand and manufacturer of high-quality scope mounts, scope rings, weaver/picatinny rails, mono-block mounts, clip-on adapters, spare parts for guns and many more products for shooting and hunting sport. There is also a gunsmith shop


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T: +385 49 301692

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