In Conversation with… Matthias Ruckdeschel

When was Heimdall Thermal Vision founded?

Heimdall was founded in 2018, in the city of Bayreuth, Germany

What was your inspiration to begin the Heimdall Thermal Vision journey?

Well, first of all curiosity. Thermal imaging is a very interesting and unique technology. It transfers the usually invisible thermal radiation into something you can see with the bare eye. And this opens a wide field of applications. After many years as lead engineer for an international company in the business of optics and small arms, my international MBA studies expanded my way to look at things and gave me confidence to start my own business. It’s certainly a tough decision to leave a safe job and take all the risk of being an entrepreneur but so far it was worth to do – no doubts.  

What were the first products the company began selling?

Our first products are the thermal Clip-Ons FOKUS 50 and FOKUS 35. These are the ideal companions for hunting with a unique set of features. They are made for precise shooting and observation with a switch within seconds, enabled by our patented technology.

How has your background in physics contributed to the principles of the Heimdall brand?

My background in physics and engineering is the basis for the product’s outstanding features – precision, reliability, and usability. Physics is a very broad science combining many different aspects of our world. I think that this mindset helped me a lot to create a great team at Heimdall covering all aspects of the product and market.

What are your best-selling products?

The best-selling products are the Heimdall FOKUS thermal clip-ons. Our recently developed rifle scope adapters sell good as well because they are a perfect fit to the product. They allow a short overall length when using a suppressor and are very easy to use.

Where are your products manufactured and designed?

Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany. We are glad to have a great team of internal and external experts and friends making this possible.

What makes your products stand out from your competitors?

Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany with a clear focus on our customers’ needs. Starting with detailed market studies and focus groups and ending with intense product testing in the lab and in the real life. In that way we design tailor made and easy to use products.

Controlling the whole sourcing and production process, our products are built for highest preciseness and ruggedness. We only use the highest quality materials and components to achieve this. As an example, housings are machined from high strength 7075 aluminum, sensors and displays are from European partners dealing mainly with military clients. Our skilled production team guarantees the quality of the final product with care, dedication, and precision in each step. 

The engineering and production are only a part of our business. We believe that good sales service and ongoing product evolution have at least the same importance. Our support team is always glad to help, and product software updates are provided for free.

And in the case of something really does not work we provide a fast and unbureaucratic service making use of the local production.

Which export markets are your excited about developing?

At the moment our focus is on the European and the North American market. We are very proud that we already have delivered products to France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Norway and others in the last few months. And for the near future the US market and Shot Show have highest priority.

Which new products are you enthusiastic about?

We work on sensor updates and new product designs expanding our range of thermal imaging products. Technology is always moving on and evolving. So, there will be products with enhanced sensor solutions and even better image quality, as well as new products category like a stand-alone thermal scope.

What are your goals for the future?

Our goals are to provide excellent products and service to our clients. We don’t need to achieve a really big size, but we want to always innovate and design outstanding product solutions. Curiosity about technology and continuous loop back with our customers for great products is our motivation.

Where do you see Heimdall Thermal Vision in five years’ time?

In a five years’ time, I see Heimdall well established in the market of thermal imaging products. Our product range is already contentiously expanding, and we are about to explore new markets. Most interesting is here the law enforcement and security sector. We recently started this with Milipol exhibition in Paris.

Do you see much expansion in your home market/export markets?

Right now, the thermal imaging market is really growing fast. Not only in Germany but all other the world where night hunting is a practice. The technology gives you superior advantages. It’s great to have a fully digital device for hunting and observation purposes. And no other technology makes detection so easy and reliable.