Former Remington staff unveil new company

One-time Remington engineers, who decided not to relocate when the company moved its R&D facility last year, have set up their own cartridge and gun-accessories business.

The North Carolina-based Remington Arms Co moved this key operation from Kentucky to Alabama but some staff stayed put and launched their own firearms company, Atlas Development Group (ADG).

It says it will develop and manufacture ammunition cartridge cases and other firearms and weapons accessories, using much of the expertise gained from working on firearms and gun parts at Remington.

It is understood that the investment in the new firm totals $2.9 million, which includes $2.3 million worth of manufacturing and research equipment.

The idea was originally mooted while Atlas’ chief operating officer Marlin Jiranek II and CEO Brent Jarboe were still working for Remington, but the company’s decision to relocate forced their hand.

Remington’s R&D facility in Hardin County is thought to have employed around 50 people, so there was a resultant job loss to the area following the move. ADG says it has created around 18 new jobs for its venture.

There are seven key men behind ADG, with skills ranging from manufacturing and production engineering to firearms and ammunition design to Government contract skills.

The firm also says that it can boast more than 110 years of industry-related experience covering 23 firearms platforms, 21 different cartridges, plus more than 50 varying stock designs.


Atlas Development Group LLC

T: +1 270 506 5343

W: www.atlasdg
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