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At only four years of age Connecticut-based Flint Holdings is a relatively new company from America, however the brands it looks after, Wasp Archery and Montana Decoy, are established and looking for global growth.


Flint Holdings was established in 2010 by Micki and Guy Weaver, they’ve always had a passion for the outdoors so when they had the chance to buy Wasp Archery in the same year they jumped at the chance. Flint then added to its portfolio, buying Montana Decoys in 2012.

Montana Decoys was founded in 1996 by Jerry McPherson and the company designs a variety of hunting decoys including turkey, deer, bears, cows and moose.

Wasp Archery was founded in 1971. Guy Weaver and his two sons, Zach and Matt are avid hunters and they used Wasp products before they purchased the company, meaning they had a head start in terms of knowing about the product range but also a passion for these products.

The two brands work together side-by-side at their 14,000-square-foot facility in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Both companies are performing well in the North American market, on the broadhead side, the Jak-Hammer and Boss have been a stable in the Wasp product line for many years, but the company is very excited about the success of the Drone and the new Talon. On the decoy side, elk decoys have always been the number one seller for the company, but the team is very excited about the release of its two new whitetail decoys this year, and a new 3D hen this autumn.

The company currently employs 10 people and all of its products are designed in the United States. From a manufacturing perspective, Wasp is 100 per cent made in the USA, whereas Montana’s products are sourced from China.

“We are hunters at heart,’ said Guy Weaver. “So if we wouldn’t use the products we make, why should we expect anyone else to? We believe in creating premium products that truly impact the way you hunt.

“We are really excited about the Wasp Drone and Talon,” continued Guy “They are incredible products that really work well. Montana Decoy has just released two new whitetail decoys that are truly unique. We can’t wait to hear the success stories from our customers this autumn. And next spring, we’ll be releasing a new 3D hen that is as portable as the rest of the Montana line of products, not to mention that it is a three-pose decoy wrapped up in one.”

So what of the future? There are reports in the air about a new company springing up under the Flint umbrella. “We want to continue to grow and diversify our business,” continued Guy “We will always focus on quality and great customer service. But we are also very thrilled about the new company that we will be launching in 2015. Though we can’t discuss it right now, we are all very pumped about the product line.”

When asked if export growth was possible, Guy's answer was emphatic, “Absolutely.”

Quick-fire Questions

Top three sellers? Wasp: Boss, Jak-Hammer and Drone

Montana Decoy: Cow Elk 1, Eichler Elk and Miss September

Top export markets? Canada, Europe and Australia.

Where do you see the company in five years’ time? Growing and continuing to provide customers great products in the outdoor industry. That is our focus.


Flint Holdings

W: www.montanadecoy.com

W: www.wasparchery.com


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