5.11 Tackles Counterfeiting

Here at 5.11, like at any other successful product-­‐driven brand, we find ourselves increasingly the target of worldwide counterfeiting networks.

However, this creates a problem that is particular to us in that these replicas are often of such poor quality that they can represent a real danger to the numerous 5.11 users who rely heavily on our kit when operating in their respective fields. With this in mind, 5.11 cannot just sit back and wait for these “knockoff goods” to arrive on our shores, we work hard to tackle the problem at source, and here’s how…


5.11 works with a small but dedicated team of anti-­‐counterfeit experts headed-­‐up by a remarkable fellow internally referred to as ‘The Enforcer’ (think Dog the Bounty Hunter but with added legal expertise).

Along with his 30 years experience in Intellectual Property (IP) enforcement, he brings with him a global network of contacts including top government officials, attorneys, law enforcement agents, investigators and informants. Unfortunately for our targets he is also highly skilled in interview and interrogation techniques!

The Enforcer, together with his crack team, covertly prowls the factories, stores and websites of the world sniffing out these fraudsters before seizing and destroying their fake 5.11 products.

Often these operations are then shut down and arrests are made.

All this of course is done with the full co-operation of the local authorities.

In the last two months alone, the team has been busy:

INDIA: Almost 4,500 sites selling fake 5.11 items taken down.

PHILIPPINES: Two warehouses raided in Manilla, 1,100 garments and accessories seized.

CHINA: Office and warehouse raids in Zhejiang result in the seizure of 4,400 fake garments.



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